Fin Tubes Manufacturer in India

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Fin Tubes Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Shrikant Steel Centre is a reputed Fin Tubes Manufacturer in India, offering top-quality products to industries across the globe. As a leading Fin Tubes Supplier, our range includes L-Fin, LL-Fin, KL-Fin, G-Fin, and more, all available in various sizes and conditions to meet diverse requirements.

Fin Tubes Manufacturer in India

Fin Tubes Supplier in India - Overview

We are a top-notch Fin Tubes Manufacturer in India. We are a well-deserved, and our commitment to Manufacturing high-quality products that meet international standards is admirable. It's also impressive that our Fin Tubes have an attractive appearance robust construction, and a smooth surface finish.

At Shrikant Steel Centre, we have a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to maintain the superior quality of our Fin Tubes. Our production involves selection of the highest quality raw materials, to the finishing touches of marking, packaging, storage, and transportation. As a leading Fin Tubes Supplier, we are also a trusted Forged Fittings Supplier in India.

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Fin Tubes Specifications, Standard, Size & Grades

At Shrikant Steel Centre, we are high-quality Fin Tubes Stockist that conform to international quality standards. Our team of skilled professionals works with advanced production techniques to ensure that our Fin Tubes are durable and long-lasting.

Technical Specifications - G-fin; L-fin; LL-fin; KL-fin; Extruded-fin Finned Tubes
Fin Types Length Tube Diameter Thickness Finned Tube Diameter Fins Density
(m) (ft) (mm) (inch) (mm) (BWG) (mm) (inch) (fins/m) (fins/inch)
0,3 ÷ 18 1 ÷ 59 15,88 ÷ 50,8 5/8” ÷ 2” 0,889 ÷ 3,76 20 ÷ 9 38,10 ÷ 76,20 1 ½” ÷ 3” 236 ÷ 472 6 ÷ 12
Types of Materials Fin Tubes Copper, Cupro-Nickel, Brass, Aluminium-Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, High Nickel Alloys, Admiralty Brass.
Width 11 fins per inch (fpi), 13 fpi,14 fpi, 15 fpi, 16 fpi, 19 fpi, 23 fpi, 26 fpi, 28 fpi, 30 fpi & 40 fpi, having fin height ranging from 0.889 mm up to 4.00 mm.

Best Selling Fin Tubes Types

At Shrikant Steel Centre, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a wide selection of High-Quality Fin Tubes. As a trusted Fin Tubes Supplier, we offer a comprehensive range of Fin Tubes mention below.

Finned Tubes

Finned Tubes Manufacturer in India View More

Low Fin Tube

Low Fin Tube Manufacturer in India View More

Fin Tubes Client Project Report

Shrikant Steel Centre a leading high-quality Fin Tubes Supplier in India. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best products and services we export our Fin Tubes to around 45 additional countries. As a trusted Copper Fitting Manufacturer in India, we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Client Projects For Fin Tubes
Fin Tubes Supply, Manufacturing Facilities Rajasthan
Tube supply Gujarat
Copper Fin Tubes Pune, Maharashtra
Fin Tube Supply Vijaywada, Hyderabad
We are a leading Fin Tubes Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist in India

Applications & Uses of Fin Tubes

Fin Tubes Additional Information

  • Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque, and others.
  • Packaging:Fin Tubes are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
  • Tax: 18% GST.

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Leading Fin Tubes Suppliers in India

Shrikant Steel Centre is one of the largest and most dependable Fin Tubes Supplier in India. We are among India's leading Suppliers, Dealers, Producers, and Stockists of Fin Tubes. We export containers of Fin Tubes to numerous clients and we offer our products in several Indian cities.

  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Hyderabad
  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Kolkata
  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Mumbai
  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Pune
  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Raipur
  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Jaipur
  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Surat
  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Salem
  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Sivakashi
  • Fin Tubes Supplier in Rajahmundary

Prominent Fin Tubes Stockist

Shrikant Steel Centre is a major contributor to the export of Fin Tubes from India, accounting for 25% of the yearly exports of over 150 tons. Our frequent shipments to various countries have helped us become a market leader in Fin Tubes Stockist.

  • Fin Tubes Exporter in Saudi Arabia
  • Fin Tubes Exporter in Oman
  • Fin Tubes Exporter in Kuwait
  • Fin Tubes Exporter in Bahrain
  • Fin Tubes Exporter in Qatar
  • Fin Tubes Exporter in UAE
  • Fin Tubes Exporter in Iran
  • Fin Tubes Exporter in Netherlands
  • Fin Tubes Exporter in Nigeria
  • Fin Tubes Exporter in Mexico

Fin Tubes Manufacturer in India

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